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Featured Research

2023 Challenge of Supplying Power with Renewable Energy Due to the Impact of COVID-19 on Power Demands in the Lao PDR: Analysis Using Metaheuristic Optimization
Sustainability (Switzerland)

2023 Optimal Placement and Capacity of Battery Energy Storage System in Distribution Networks Integrated With PV and EVs Using Metaheuristic Algorithms
IEEE Access

2023 Optimal Design of Electric Vehicle Fast-Charging Station’s Structure Using Metaheuristic Algorithms
Sustainability (Switzerland)

2022 A Many-Objective Marine Predators Algorithm for Solving Many-Objective Optimal Power Flow Problem
Applied Sciences (Switzerland)

2022 Optimal Location and Sizing of BESS for Performance Improvement of Distribution Systems with High DG Penetration
International Transactions on Electrical Energy Systems

2021 Multifunctional biological properties and phytochemical constituents of Mangifera indica L. seed kernel extract for preventing skin aging
Toxicological Research

2021 Multi-objective optimal power flow problems based on slime mould algorithm
Sustainability (Switzerland)

2021 Optimal siting and sizing of battery energy storage: Case study seventh feeder at nakhon phanom substation in Thailand

2021 Effects of occipito-frontal release with dorsiflexion technique (OFRDF) for improvement of superficial back line flexibility
Journal of Associated Medical Sciences

2020 Optimal siting and sizing of battery energy storage systems for distribution network of distribution system operators

2020 Voltage Stability Improvement Using Voltage Stability Index Optimization
Proceedings of the 2020 International Conference on Power, Energy and Innovations, ICPEI 2020

2020 An improvement of output power in doubly salient permanent magnet generator using pole configuration adjustment

2020 Optimization of mangifera indica L. Kernel extract-loaded nanoemulsions via response surface methodology, characterization, stability, and skin permeation for anti-acne cosmeceutical application

2020 Power system voltage stability enhancement based on line voltage stability indices in heavily loaded and line outage contingency situations
International Journal of Engineering Research and Technology

2019 A comparison of the effectiveness of voltage stability indices in an optimal power flow
IEEJ Transactions on Electrical and Electronic Engineering

2019 An improved DA-PSO optimization approach for unit commitment problem

2018 A hybrid DA-PSO optimization algorithm for multiobjective optimal power flow problems

2018 In-vitro investigation of anti-acne properties of Mangifera indica L. kernel extract and its mechanism of action against Propionibacterium acnes